The Importance Of New Construction Inspections


A lot of people choose to forego a home inspection when buying a newer home. New homes have gone through the process of being inspected at every stage by the city or county and are being built with modern materials that are built to last and are generally low maintenance. It can certainly be assumed that the home you are buying is going to have less defects and issues than a home built 20 years prior, but there are always issues to be found and new construction inspections almost always pay for themselves.

We have done several new construction inspections this year and in every one we find something in need of correction. The building process can be hectic and even the best contractors will miss small things as dozens of sub-contractors come in and out over the months the house is being built. A home inspection may be the first time that someone takes a step back and evaluates all the components of the house as they have come together.

Most of the issues we find in new home construction are either missed items or improper practices and installation of materials that will lead to issues down the road. In the last two months we have seen 3 hose bibs that were installed but never connected to the plumbing! A simple oversight that can be easily fixed, but it immediately saves you a couple $100 if you get it fixed before closing. We commonly see unfinished items such as missing door stops, caulking around exterior trim, missing window screens, etc. Sure these items are small, but they can add up, especially if you are left to take care of them yourself.

Sometimes we see more serious issues that could go unnoticed for years and turn into major expenses down the line. We have seen attic spaces in new construction that were improperly insulated with the insulation blocking the soffit/eave vents. This could very quickly create conducive conditions for mold growth and ruin the sheeting under your roof covering. If an issue such as this is not addressed you could be looking at replacing your roof covering and sheeting prematurely due to worn sheeting and mold. Something that you otherwise wouldn’t have to think about for 20-30 years could be upon you in only a few years and cost you a lot of money.

There are so many components to evaluate in a home and it is nearly impossible to have everything perfect in a newly constructed house. We highly recommend inspections for new construction. They will usually always end up saving you money or otherwise will give you the peace of mind that you are making a good investment and your home was built to high standards.